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Save the world from the evil monsters. Or save the damsels from the evil scientists. Use all the proper ammunition you can gather. Be a hero to everyone. All these can be done in first-person mode, where you get to jump straight into the action, into the field of battle. When you’ve rescued every damsel you can, make the best out of these adult shooters and use the best ammo there is. Your semen! These babes will want to reward you for rescuing them. So they’ll be down on their two knees each and will be ready to suck your cock. You’ll still retain first-person view, giving you the ability to see all the best action FPS for adults right here. Then watch as they turn around and expose their pussies for you to just bang from behind. Grab on to their arms as you fuck them wild in full FPS style.

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The next generation of adult games of course demands a more sci-fi look for our hot models. What better fuck buddy and sex slave is there than your very own customizable sex doll? Digamour is an adult game with RPG items that gives you the opportunity bring your very own sex doll to life. Give her the proper handjob and deepthroat capabilities. She’ll be on her knees in no time. Keep her ahead of all the action by making her wild enough to want your cock every day. Give her the largest breasts and the tightest pussy. Through Digamour and enough RPG experience, you’ll have the sex slave of your dreams.



BoneCraft, manufactured by D-Dub Software, is perfect adult shooter porn simulator for those, who are seeking an action packed gaming adventure. Staged on the parody background story of ‘World of Warcraft’, this cosmic adventure porn game features some horny MILFs and bobby elves. You will play as the protagonist, Captain Fort Worth, the adventure loving person. His quest for adventure will take him in a lot of dangers. However, surpassing the dangers will be appreciated by handsome and naughty rewards. Total 11 missions are there, and passing each mission will let you to enjoy some wet and tight elf pussies. Bang them hard and let these sluts have the best fucks of their lives.

3D Sex Trooper


Make your way through this FPS adult game as a 3D sex trooper. There will be several rewarding fucking and sucking involving these pleasure models you’ll be meeting along the way. 3D Sex Trooper is an action, shooting, RPG sex game with the proper storyline and 3D capabilities to keep you and your cock engaged. Several nude sex dolls are scattered throughout facilities and it is your job to find and fuck them. With the different guns and artillery at your disposal, make yous way past the hordes of enemies. The action will be proven to be rewarding once you get to fuck the non-stop fucking girls.



Just when virtual adult enjoyment is turning into complete boring stuff, adult action game enters the scenario. With these hot and sizzling 2D as well as 3D adult simulators, virtual adult entertainment has got a completely new definition. It has become up close and personal – more fun, engaging and exciting. Today porn videos have become boring enough, but porn parody gaming will never let you to become bored. Several exciting options are there for the ardent gamers. One of the most trending options is BoneTown – probably the most talk about adult porn adventure simulator. BoneTown is a distinctive adult simulator, and that is why it has become so much popular. While other games are offering only 2-3 characters, BoneTown has a huge number of characters to feature. Of course, most of these characters are nasty as well as horny hot chicks. Getting them laid is not easy though! You need to complete some missions to fuck these bitches. With the end of each mission, a sizzling slut will come to you as a reward. Missions are filled with actions and violence and thus BoneTown clinches a spot in adult game with fights genre. So, get ready to nail some bikini clad horny sluts – give them optimum erotic pleasure.

Sex Station 7


As a true secret agent, go on the right missions and shoot the evil bad guys. It may sound cliché at first, but you’ll be happy to know you get to bang the chick along the way. Sex Station 7 is an adult first-person shooting RPG where you get to fuck the hot babes you encounter. They’ll be scattered all over station 7 and you’d also want to scatter your bullets amongst your battle-hardened foes. When you’ve vanquished enough of them, you’ll be able to scatter your semen all over the hot rescued babes with your battle-hardened cock. As a secret agent, do your secret missions with your secret cock.