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Do you wanna be the best that no one ever will be like? Sounds familiar, right? Of course, as a full-blown adult now, you get to go on the greatest of magical quests. We’re not talking about your usual 9 to 5 office hours, though. We’re talking about the quests in the adult quest games! Go through perilous jungles and battle the fiercest monsters. You’ll be rewarded handsomely with a pussy to the cock. You may not even need to go through any jungle or even fight a single creature. You’ll have that girl, that damsel in distress, already up in your arms ready to suck your massive cock. In these sexy adult adventures, your hot babes will be in bikinis or in lingerie right from the start. Most of them will even be available nude. They’ll be ready to reward you as soon as your adult adventures have them encountered, ready for some fucking.

Adult adventures in quest porn games

Cutie 3D


Dive into the sexiest urban adventure in Cutie 3D. This is an adventure porn simulation with the sexiest chicks in the streets available for you to fuck. They’ll already be in their bikinis, dancing and showing off their bodies to you. So get your avatar straight and bang these chicks in public. Just approach a girl and get on with the groping. She’ll be happy to get on her knees to start sucking on your cock. When you’ve cum all over her face, she’ll gladly turn around for you to bang from behind. All these chicks in this concrete jungle are hot and horny.

Trip to Paradise


It’s time to explore the mysteries of the pussy while exploring the mysteries of the island. Trip to Paradise is a flash adult game where you get to play the role of a handsome and rich man on a cruise ship with some beautiful ladies. You can bang these chicks right from the get-go on your own private yacht. They’re already in their tight bikinis showing off their huge breasts. But leave some of the fun for when you get to the island. Fuck these babes against the coconut trees and on the exotic sands. These chicks would love to slide their little thongs aside for you to bang their pussies from behind in this lovely paradise. If you like exotic porn with bikini sex, just play this simulation made by Lesson of Passion designers.



Do you have a type? Do you prefer to fuck the wild one, with all her inhibitions removed from herself? Or would you rather bang the innocent one, with her pussy tight and her inner passive aggression ready for you? Sisters is an adult life game with a reality porn that allows you to bang both. Sara and Linda are the perfect contrasting personalities of each other. One would love to get on her knees and slobber all over your cock. The other would rather you talk a little before you facefuck her all night. Whichever your preference, both will be happy to satisfy you in this adventure.

Venus Hostage


Dive into the world of Venus Hostage. This is an adventure game for adults with a compelling storyline and an immersive atmosphere. Take the adventure around the streets of this strange city and discover what it means to be a part of its sexual underbelly. There are several chicks from the several rooms who are already in their lingerie. They have just been waiting for you and your cock to satisfy them. The city’s been boring without the small action. So jump into the storyline and bang these hot and horny babes. The beds and rooms will be available on sight along with the pussies ready for your pounding.